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Looking for a refreshing and healthy way to stay hydrated? Look no further than Sanbernardo mineral water from the Alps mountain!Sourced from the pristine Alpine region, Sanbernardo mineral water has a pH value of 7, making it neutral and easy-to-absorb water. It is packed with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which can support bone and muscle health, regulate blood pressure, and support the immune system.But that's not all – Sanbernardo mineral water is also subjected to a rigorous purification process to ensure that it meets high-quality standards for safe drinking water. It is bottled at the source to ensure that it remains pure and untouched by human interference.Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a hike, or simply relaxing at home, Sanbernardo mineral water is the perfect choice for staying hydrated and healthy. So why settle for ordinary tap water when you can experience the refreshing taste and health benefits of Sanbernardo mineral water from the Alps?Try it today and discover the difference for yourself! 您正在尋找一種清爽健康的飲用水嗎?來試試阿爾卑斯山聖伯納多礦泉水吧!聖伯納多礦泉水取自原始的阿爾卑斯山地區,pH值為7,是一種中性、易於吸收的水。它富含鈣、鎂、鉀等重要礦物質,有助於維持骨骼和肌肉健康、調節血壓和支持免疫系統。而且,聖伯納多礦泉水還經過嚴格的淨化處理,以確保它符合高質量的安全飲用水標準。它在源頭進行灌裝,以確保它保持純淨,沒有人為乾擾。無論您是去健身房、去遠足,還是在家休息,聖伯納多礦泉水都是保持水分和健康的完美選擇。所以,為什麼要選擇普通的自來水呢?來試試阿爾卑斯山聖伯納多礦泉水吧,體驗它的清新口感和健康益處!立即嘗試,親身感受它的不同!收.

意大利 聖貝娜多天然礦泉水 1 公升 x 12支 玻璃瓶 (有氣)

HK$207.00每月,持續 3 個月
  • 意大利亞爾卑斯山礦泉水, 得天獨厚的礦物成份, S.Bernardo天然礦泉水因其鈉、鉀、鎂等礦物含量極低而聞名, 被當地稱為"奇蹟之泉"美譽。

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