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一試難忘! An unforgettable try! 

大而美味的綠色 Gordal 橄欖,去核並塞滿 Piri-Piri 辣椒。 釀橄欖的辛辣風味。 非常適合開胃菜和小吃。

请注意,塞满辣椒的那一种非常辣,但只会持续一段时间,不会在味觉中流连忘返。 顾客觉得吃起来很有趣,因为短暂的辣味给人一种美食冒险的感觉,但它并没有压倒辣椒和橄榄的味道和香气。

Large tasty green Gordal olives, pitted and stuffed with Piri-Piri chilies.  A spicy twist on stuffed olives. Perfect for appetizers and tapas.

Note that the one stuffed with chili peppers is very spicy, but only lasts for a while and doesn't linger on the palate. Customers find it fun to eat because the short spiciness gives a sense of a gastronomic adventure, but it doesn't overpower the flavors and aromas of the peppers and olives. 

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Hot Chili Amphora 580g

HK$138.00 一般價格
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