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Introducing our new Imperia products, where the delicate flavors of duck and foie gras are expertly blended with the airy texture of mousse and the exceptional quality of natural ingredients. These products offer a perfect balance of taste and texture, and are sure to delight your senses. Try them today and experience the ultimate in culinary indulgence.


我們推出了全新的 Imperia 產品系列,將鴨肉和鵝肝的細膩風味與輕盈的慕斯質地以及優質天然食材巧妙地融合在一起。這些產品味道和質感絕佳,完美地平衡了口感和風味,一定會讓您愛不釋手。現在就嚐一嚐,享受最終極的美食體驗。

Natural Goose Foie Gras Mousse 70g

HK$115.00 一般價格
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